With step #8. complete the chain assembly looks like this image

To make assembly instructions easier to follow the parts being discussed in each step are colored RED.

With step #7. complete the rear drive assembly looks like this image.

Step #4. Attach forward adjustable seat cross bar support. First, place and align forward adjustable seat cross bar and two plastic blocks over pre-installed T-nuts as shown. Next, fit center hole of three hole aluminum plate over pre-installed 5/16" - 18 X 1.5" long carriage bolt and align with plastic blocks. Thread the two 5/16" - 18 X 1.5" long socket bolts through the plastic blocks and into the T-nuts and tighten with the 1/4" hex wrench. Slide the velcro loop over the center bolt with the washer on top of the velcro and tighten with the 5/16" - 18 plastic nut.  The velcro is used later to secure the plastic chain tube guides. 

Step #6. Position the rear adjustable seat cross bar support under the rear 42" center support bar as shown. Now loosen one alignment plastic block 5/16" -18 X 1.25" long bolt with the 1/4" hex wrench. Thread bolt through the clear nylon cord loop and with clear nylon cord over the rear 42" center support bar tighten the bolt, nylon cord and plastic block back to its original position. The rear adjustable seat cross bar is designed to move freely in unison with the front adjustable seat cross bar when the seat is installed and all four legs are locked into the locking seat cups. The nylon cord holds the rear adjustable seat cross bar in position when not mounted on your SUP and transporting. 

The above image shows the adjustable length tiller assembly in reduced length folded position for transport.

Once all the slack is removed from the bungee cords pull the tightened bungee cord towards the small end of the tensioner wedge shape opening to lock.  

With step #5. complete the rear 42" center support bar, the 3" rear cross support bar and the 10" rear support cross bar look like this image.

With Step #3. complete the Pedal Drive front assembly looks like this.

With step #4. complete the forward adjustable seat cross bar looks like this image. This assembly is used to adjust and lock the seat position allowing you to set the most comfortable degree of leg extension when pedaling. 

Step #7. Mounting the rear drive assembly. Loosen the two side by side black plastic 5/16" -18  nuts and 5/16" - 18 X 1.5" long carriage bolts near the top of the assembly. Slide the head of the two carriage bolts into the groove of the short adjustable swivel support bar. The bolts have two nylon washers. One washer is glued to the head of the bolt and the other washer is loose. Slide each bolt making sure the square section of the bolt head is square to the support bar groove and the loose nylon washer is on the top side of the support bar. Slide all the way in leaving a 1mm space between the rudder housing and the short support bar and tighten the two plastic nuts. 

Step #10. Mounting the Universal Pedal Drive Kit to your SUP.

There are 2 bungee cords pre-installed on both the front and rear 3" cross support bars.

Each cross support bar has integrated bungee tensioners designed to hold and lock the bungee cords.

Position the Universal Pedal Drive Kit on your SUP. The UPDK kit is compatible with both inflatable and hard standup paddle boards ranging in size from 10 feet long through 14 feet long. Thickness and width do not matter. The only limitation is the top surface needs to be fairly flat.

Next wrap each bungee cord around your SUP and thread through the integrated bungee cord tensioner.

Pull the bungee cords very tight. Check for looseness and play under your board and remove any slack. Once the 4 bungee cords are tight all the way around the SUP pull the cords towards the more narrow teeth on the integrated bungee cord tensioners - that's it - your ready to have fun.

Step #1. Mount the assembled Pedal Drive Tower to the 42" center support bar. Note the double end fastener inside the track below the Pedal Drive Tower shown in red. Attach the Pedal Drive Tower to the 42" long center support as shown in the next image.

Step #2. As instructed in above mount the Pedal Drive Tower on the 42" center support bar using the double end fastener. Two access holes are pre-drilled into the back of the 42" center support bar and align exactly with the two double end fastener bolts. Thread the two 5/16" -18 X 1" long bolts into matching holes in the Pedal Drive tower using the 3/16" hex wrench and tighten.

Special Note - Attach the foot pedals at any point in the assembly process. Each foot pedal is marked with a 'L' or 'R' to indicate left or right side of the Pedal Drive Tower. They both attach by turning the threaded section towards the front of the craft.

With step #6 complete the rear adjustable seat cross bar support looks like this image.

Step #5. Next attach the rear 42" center support bar, but first, note this bar has the rear 3" wide cross support bar and rear 10" support cross bar pre-installed. Just twist both bars perpendicular to the center support bar and tighten the plastic nuts.

Next Thread and tighten the two available 5/16" - 18 X 5/8" long bolts into the pre-installed T-nuts on the front 42" center support bar and tighten with the 1/4" hex wrench.

Step #10. Mounting the Universal Pedal Drive Kit to your SUP.  See more information below.

Step #3. Place and center the Pedal Drive Tower that's already mounted to the 42" center support bar over the 3" wide forward cross support bar. Now mount the two 'L' shaped brackets to the 3" cross support bar and the triangle shaped bracket to the 42" center support bar. 

There are 5 pre-installed 5/16" - 18 X 3/8" long socket bolts with T-nuts tightened slightly to hold them in place for your use here.

Loosen one bolt at a time and using a thin wire or paper clip move the T-nut carefully under each mounting hole while holding the bolt in alignment. Once aligned - carefully thread each bolt, but leave loose until all bolts are in place and then tighten all 5 bolts and T-nuts using the 1/4" hex wrench.

Step #8. Install pre-assembled chain and chain tube assembly. 
​Using the velcro loops located on the front adjustable seat support bar bolt and the rear 3" wide support bar bolt. 
Place the pre-assembled chain and chain tube assembly  designed to mount vertically through the two velcro loops and then tighten with the loose velcro strap end as shown here. The chain will be wrapped in a way to prevent it from twisting, but handle it carefully while positioning it on the sprockets. 
See photos in the next image to see the correct chain pattern.

Unwrap as necessary and place the chain around the large sprocket on the Pedal Drive Tower first. Next feed the top chain under the adjustable small sprocket at the tower base. Then feed the bottom chain under the lower small sprocket at the Tower base.

Next, pull the chain from the rear drive area to seat the chain squarely on all three Pedal Tower sprockets. Next raise the rear drive by rotating the short swivel support bar the drive is connected to thus shortening the distance the chain needs to be able to place around the rear drive small sprocket. With the chain mounted and square on all 4 sprockets rotate the rear drive back down. The chain should now be tight and square to each sprocket. Additional chain adjustment can be accomplished by pulling the rear drive back to tighten and/or adjusting the front adjustable sprocket via the white plastic tension wheel.

​The close-up images below show chain placement and routing of the pre-assembled chain assembly discussed in step #8. 

Step #9. Adjustable length tiller assembly.

The tiller is fabricated with three sections of tubing and held straight with tensioned bungee cord through all 3 tubes. When transporting or storing the tiller the two long sections can be pulled apart and folded to reduce the total length while all sections remain connected.

​The aluminum sleeve attached to the smaller diameter tube allows it to change the overall tiller length to accommodate the operators height.

To attach the tiller to the rudder - thread the length of bungee cord at the end of the tiller through the rudder cross tube - pull tight - and tie a slip knot so its easy to remove when your done pedaling.