We continued development on the Pedal Drive Kit concept through 2018. We tried both aluminum and plastic drive shafts from the front pedal tower to the rear drive. We added a flexible segment to the rear section of the drive shaft connected to the rear drive and used a tiller to move the rear drive left or right to steer. It all worked, but required too much maintenance.

In the spring of 2015 we started testing the seventh version of the Pedal Drive Pontoon Boat.

With each version we re-engineered every component.  

In 2016 we built the eighth iteration of the Pedal Drive series the Pedal Drive Pontoon Boat with many improvements over the previous version. 

In 2014 we also built two different Pedal Drive Pontoon Boats.

‚ÄčThe boat on the left was too short and the boat on the right was too slow.


While working on the Pedal Drive Kit in 2018 I had a epiphany and decided to use chain from the pedal tower all the way to the rear drive. I also wanted to reduce weight and assembly complexity. Using CAD I designed an entirely new aluminum framework reducing maintenance to near zero. Also instead of making my design fit existing parts I designed whatever I needed using CAD and 3D printed custom parts. But, there was still one thing troubling me about this design. The rudder and rear drive support under the SUP required a special connection to the fin box that all SUP's have, but there are multiple types so a better all on-top design would be necessary. So for 2019 the Universal Pedal Drive Kit is it.

During 2017 we decided to work with standup paddle boards. We wanted to create a Pedal Drive Kit that did not need a hole through the board. Our first prototype worked nicely, but was too expensive because of the flexible drive shaft. On the day this picture was taken I towed a 5000 pound boat that lost power in the middle of the lake.

This was the first Pedal Drive Pontoon Boat fabricated in 2012.

It was a ton of fun and generated a great deal of interest every time we were out on the water. 

For 2019 we are very proud to present the patent pending Universal Pedal Drive Kit. It will fit most inflatable and hard Standup Paddle Boards that have a flat top surface. The entire Kit fits on top of your SUP and is simply fixed to the board via four bungee cords that are locked tight via integrated bungee tensioners that will not slip. There is a chain sprocket at the base of the Pedal Drive Tower with a tension adjustment wheel allowing easy chain adjustment when necessary from the operators seat. The steering tiller is easily moved to accommodate left or right hand operators.

In 2014 we built a inflatable SUP Pedal Drive. We also built a side car so my wife could join me. It was a fun summer.

We moved away from the bike frame idea in 2013. The bike frame added unnecessary weight, complexity and just was not very comfortable.

The inflatable kayak was great in the water, but assembly and disassembly was cumbersome.